Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre [IKDRC] gets $10m grant


The Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Center [IKDRC] got a Rs 46 crore [~$10 million] grant rom the Gujarat Government. It is located in Civil Hospital Campus, Asarwa, Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat of India. The institute was established on Ocotber 7, 1981 on an auspicious ninth day of Navratri. Institute of Transplantation Sciences was established as its sister institute in the year of 1997. Today it stands on the western end of the civil hospital campus, occupying an area of 15,000 sq. mts and total built up area of 20,000 sq. mts, it can boast to be largest tertiary care center of its kind in the world. It has 400 indoor beds for Nephrology, Urology and Transplantation.

The primary objective of the institute is to establish, operate, promote, run and manage institutions engaged in service, education and research pertaining to the field of Nephrology, Urology, Transplantation, Hematology, Autoimmune and Genetic disorders.

According to the offical government release following are the number of transplants performed at the research center.

Year Number of successful transplants
2007-2008 547
2008-2009 315
2009-2010 303
2010-2011 200 and counting

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